Information Engineering

Key Points in Acquiring Patents in the Information Engineering Field

In the information engineering field, the following points should be noted in comparison with other technical fields.

  • Does it have an effect in data processing by CPU, etc.?
  • Necessity of flowcharts
  • Necessity of functional block diagram

At our office, our associate professional engineers (information department) have a wealth of knowledge in the field of information engineering , including computer science , computer engineering , software engineering , information systems, data engineering , and information networks .

Therefore, we use our specialized knowledge to clarify the client’s invention and create a patented invention that cannot be imitated by other companies.

Body temperature measurement device, body temperature measurement system, body temperature measurement method patent 5640265

Effects of data processing

When patenting software or systems, it is usually necessary to consider whether there are benefits from data processing.

In addition, by specifying the data processing, it is possible to determine whether or not it is an infringing product by analyzing the software of another company’s product.

In order to identify the data processing, we will examine whether rebus engineering of the software is necessary, whether it can be identified by the output, and extract the characteristics of the data processing. Merely structured data or data structures alone are not recognized as inventions, so the specification must be prepared so as not to violate the eligibility requirements.

Radiation source visualization device and radiation source visualization method Patent 5700319


When patenting software or systems, it is necessary to consider a flow chart showing the steps of data processing.

By examining the flow chart and identifying each step, you can analyze the steps of the competitor’s product to determine whether it is an infringing product.

In examining the flow chart, we examine not only data processing but also what triggers it and whether or not steps can be replaced to extract the characteristics of the flow chart.

Flowcharts should be neither too few nor too many, and it is necessary to consider whether the effects can be visualized and create a specification.

Marketing system and marketing method patent 5713249

Functional block diagram

In data processing, there are functions responsible for data exchange, and in order to clarify the data exchange of each function, it is necessary to specify a functional block diagram.

By identifying each component in the functional block diagram, it is possible to determine whether or not the software of another company is an infringing product by analyzing the software.

To identify each component of the functional block diagram, examine whether it can be executed by a CPU, etc., and whether there is any contradiction in data exchange, and extract the characteristics of each component of the functional block diagram.

Merely specifying the function may be a statement of desire, so it is necessary to prepare a specification so as not to violate the enablement requirement.

Ball flight detection device and ball flight detection method Patent 5950068

sub combination


Entry permission management device and entry permission management method Patent 5967746

inventive step

IoT, AI and 3D printing related technology inventions need to consider whether data processing has a beneficial effect.

In addition, we will determine whether or not there is an inventive step by examining whether or not there are obstructive factors in the combination of each step of data processing.

It is necessary to prepare the specification so as to have an inventive step due to the advantageous effect of data processing and the presence or absence of obstacles.

Inner space cross-sectional shape measuring device and inner space cross-sectional shape measuring method Patent 5828165

business method

A mere business method is not eligible for patentability because it is not related to technical improvements.

As for business method patents, mere business methods cannot be patented.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider whether they can be treated as business method patents by embodying them in computers, etc., and considering data processing, etc., so as not to violate the eligibility of inventions.

Analysis system and analysis method patent 6020872